• Lalbenque Truffle market

    rue du Marché aux truffes .

    "The black diamond" is fascinating by the fragrance it releases as by its flavour that is such a treat. Tuber melanosporum, found under our oak trees during the winter may be purchased from December to the beginnig of March at the renowned market of Lalbenque also labelled "Site Remarquable du Goût", a truffel's throw from the hotel.

  • Cahors

    Cahors, France .

    Nestled in a meander of the river Lot, Cahors is a city ready to surprise you. More than 2,000 years of its history is waiting to be discovered.

  • The Cloup d'Aural phosphate mines

    Bach .

    This paleontoligical site bears witness to a rich biodiversity (more than 600 species) remains in a state of exceptional conservation.

    You descend into an open-skied chasm and in the history at the same time.

    This site is unique in the world.

  • The Way of St-James

    46230 Lalbenque, France .

    Why not stop off at Lalbenque

    Between Limognes-en-Quercy and Cahors, Lalbenque offers pilgrims a well-deserved rest.

    The town has shops useful to hikers (supermarket, cafés, restaurants, pharmacy, poste office, municipal swimming pool....)

    La Tissandière also offers half board around a friendly table.


    Parc d'activités de Cahors Sud .

    A moins de 10 min de La Tissandière, KARTHORS vous fait vivre l'excitation des grands prix automobiles sur une piste de 800m avec relief réputée comme "un des plus beaux circuits de France"

    Ouvert de Janvier à Décembre